Here is a list of writ­ers and sub­jects I like and/or find kin­ship with; hope­ful­ly this will help sub­mit­ters decide if Fried Chick­en and Cof­fee is right for their work.

rur­al literature

work­ing-class literature

Appalachi­an literature

grit lit

Rough South


white trash




Har­ry Crews

Lar­ry Brown

Dorothy Alli­son

Paula K. Gover

Lisa Koger

Chris Offutt

Silas House

Chris Hol­brook

Lee Smith

Ron Rash

Richard Ford

Jim Har­ri­son

Don­ald Ray Pollock

Tom Franklin

Cor­mac McCarthy

Andre Dubus

William Gay

Charles Fra­zier

Michael Gills

Tom Cobb

Breece Pan­cake

Pete Fromm

Nel­son Algren

Dori­anne Laux

Mary Lee Settle

Mary Hood

Daniel Woodrell

Dagob­er­to Gilb

James Lee Burke

Isabel Zuber

Willy Vlautin

James Crum­ley

Gwyn Hyman Rubio

Jayne Ann Phillips

Char­lie Smith

Andrew Hud­gins

Richard Hugo

James Dick­ey

Chuck Kinder

Gur­ney Norman

James Still

Wen­dell Berry

Mark Richard

Pinck­ney Benedict

Tim McLau­rin

Brad Wat­son

Steve Yarbrough

Rick Bass

Richard Cur­rey

Bob­bie Ann Mason

Dale Ray Phillips

The Sub­mis­sions:

No word limit/no con­tent guide­lines, with­in the broad cat­e­gories I've estab­lished in my first post to this blogazine. Any­thing more than 8000 words would have to be done in ser­i­al form, I would think, and be excep­tion­al too. Send me rur­al, funky, dirty sto­ries about church­go­ing women who nev­er sin. I'd like to read that. What about the sto­ry I lived, the one where the kid moves away and goes to col­lege and becomes a writer, and until he's thir­ty, his male rel­a­tives hitch their draw­ers and ask him when he's going to be out of school? Except don't write about writ­ing. I don't care much, since I live it. I would love to see more sto­ries about women, though. Get to the grit, get to the love, show me the scars, and take Har­ry Crews to heart: "Blood, bone, and nerve, that's fic­tion. Show me the stuff that cuts to the quick."

In case you're com­ing here cold, I've been edit­ing oth­er writ­ers for over twen­ty years now, and for the  record, I've read hun­dreds maybe thou­sands of sto­ries. Your Bukows­ki knock­offs are not going to make it, son. Sor­ry. Nor do nos­tal­gic o‑it-was-bet­ter-back-then sto­ries stand much of a chance, unless they real­ly, real­ly tran­scend. To sub­mit, send an email to rusty.​barnes@​gmail.​com with the words FCAC and SUBMISSION in the sub­ject line. I respond quickly.


12 Responses to Submissions

  1. Rusty says:

    Hi Ramona–I'm not sure when we'll reopen. I'm still search­ing for the right per­son to take over the operation.

  2. Ramona Thompson says:

    When will you be open again to submissions?

  3. Rusty says:

    We try to run new con­tent every three days all year round.

  4. Rob Pierce says:

    Hey Rusty,

    What's the dead­line on the next issue?

  5. Rusty says:

    They're free to go, Wendy. Sor­ry I didn't see this till now.

  6. Hey, ho Rusty,

    I have this lit­tle question:
    I sent you five poems. You used one. Are you plan­ning to use the oth­ers or may those pups look for anoth­er home?
    Hap­py Thanksgiving–

  7. We have lots in com­mon. I look for­ward to read­ing your book!
    I trad­ed boot leg­gin' for booK leg­gin' myself.

    Hard busi­ness as you might know.

  8. Grit Lit, Rusty. Grit Lit. Yay-us!
    — The Legendary

  9. Rusty says:

    Hi James. We do accept reprints, and we don't pay for work, sad to say. I wish it were otherwise.

  10. James Finn1 says:

    Do you accept reprints? Do you pay for short stories?

  11. lisa says:

    Love you tell us what you want… I'm gonna be writ­ing cold.…I am a woman..been through it…and I won't write like this when I submit..Been a long time since I have writ­ten. From MS and AL live in Mtns of NC… Hap­py New Year to ya…

  12. mscosmiccat says:

    I just want­ed to say that I found this site today while googling "frack­ing in north­ern Penn­syl­va­nia and I put a link to it on the news sec­tion of Bob​Dy​lan​.com where I am a mem­ber. Main­ly because the sub­ject of frack­ing came up and I live in Brad­ford Coun­ty part time, and also, because I love fried chick­en and cof­fee. I'm also a writer, noth­ing pub­lished, in the process with a book of poet­ry to be called "Junk­yard Man­i­festo." I'm am hav­ing one hell of a time try­ing to register/sign in on this Grav­i­tar thing and have no clue com­bined with poor short term mem­o­ry. Oh, well, hel­lo to you and have a nice day. Ms Cosmiccat

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