Eggs of American Songbirds

Eggs of American Songbirds by Kenneth L. Clark

design by Sue Miller

Ken­neth Clark writes poet­ry and micro-fic­tion. He grew up out­side of New Orleans, and has resided in south­east Asia, and most of the south­east­ern Unit­ed States. His work has appeared in Great­est Uncom­mon Denom­i­na­tor, Fried Chick­en and Cof­feePoor Mojo’s Almanac(k), Night Train, and else­where. He was a 2009 Push­cart Prize nom­i­nee, and is the author of The Col­lect­ed His­to­ries of Water. He cur­rent­ly lives fif­teen miles from Flori­da and fif­teen miles from Georgia.

Eggs of Amer­i­can Song­birds is a 34 page, 5.5 X 7.5  chap­book with hand-tint­ed vel­lum and mar­bled inserts as well as a hand-stitched spine and a cus­tom attached fleur-de-lis book­mark. It is avail­able in a first edi­tion of 90, priced at $8, as well as in an edi­tion of ten, signed and num­bered by the author and priced at $20. Offi­cial release date: 12/13/10.

Out of print.

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  2. Rusty says:

    OK Mike, should be fixed now. Sor­ry again.

  3. Rusty says:

    Sor­ry Mike. I don't know why this hap­pened. I'll recheck my HTML.

  4. Mike Munsil says:


    tried to order but the pay­pal but­ton just sent me to my account with­out any indi­ca­tion of the order.


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