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This Is Where I am Today (in my head)


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Some Musing and Some Discussion of Carolyn Chute

Boy. It's been a while. Sor­ry about that, all of you who keep faith­ful­ly com­ing back to check out the blank pages. I've been tak­ing a class in poet­ry (going well, thanks for ask­ing) teach­ing, deal­ing with the nec­es­sary com­pli­ca­tions … Con­tin­ue read­ing

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Sister Hayes Takes Up a Serpent by Rosanne Griffeth

Sis­ter Hayes, she lifts her eyes up to the Lord so hard they roll back. She sings sacred songs and dances, quick-step­ping and jerk­ing as the anoint­ing descends. It descends like a tree a'falling. It falls like a wall of … Con­tin­ue read­ing

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New Content Coming

I swear it. Just hang tight, and check out some of the links if you haven't yet. You'll find good read­ing mate­r­i­al there.

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