Redneck White Trash Cheater Cheater

This is the most chip­per song I've ever heard about adultery.


It's also inter­est­ing to note who exact­ly gets the moniker 'white trash ho.' It's not enough, in this song, to call your man's girl­friend a ho. You have to add 'white-trash' as an adjec­tive, mak­ing the woman even low­er than low, like efflu­ents or road piz­za or an inhab­i­tant of either wing (right or left). Yet she has no term of equal appro­ba­tion for the cheater. I find that curi­ous. Does she, uh, want to keep him? Is it a case of till death do we part, and I've got my gun to has­ten the process, ass­hole? I just don't know.

Makes cheat­ing seem all hap­py and stuff. And Nao­mi Judd at the end. Just too precious.

Let's find out.Which do you pre­fer, peo­ple? Where on the scale of accept­able reduc­tion and name-call­ing do you find red­neck and white trash and flat­lander [where I grew up, that was the name; or 'peo­ple from Jer­sey' (not to put too fine a point on that love­ly state which, accord­ing to many peo­ple from PA, ought to be cut off with NY to float out into the Atlantic)?] Are there oth­er, even more reduc­tive terms you can find to refer to white peo­ple of a cer­tain social, income or res­i­den­tial sta­tus? We sure know all the ones for peo­ple of dif­fer­ent race.

It's still OK to call peo­ple white trash in pop­u­lar cul­ture. Lis­ten for it some time; it may sur­prise you how often it comes up.

I'm edit­ing a new sto­ry right now for the site. I'd hope to get it up this week, but more like­ly Tues­day or later.

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2 Responses to Redneck White Trash Cheater Cheater

  1. Rusty says:

    Hill­bil­ly is an old one, yeah. I get pricky about the phrase trail­er trash even though I've nev­er lived in a trail­er. So many peo­ple I know/knew do.

  2. maggie says:

    i kind get my back up over "hillbilly."ddv

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