Redneck Gottdamn Rampage!

I played this game with all my spare time back in the mid-90s when com­put­er games were so much more fun than they are now. Its graph­ics are prim­i­tive, the plot is nonex­is­tent. It's a first-per­son shoot­er. I hate those kind of games, but this one holds a spe­cial place in my heart, and to hear that some­one patched it to work in XP and Vista just means I'm going to lose even more time with it. It ain't pret­ty, it's godaw­ful­ly non-pc, espe­cial­ly if you down­load the cuss pack, but so much fun. I should hate this game, but I can't. And now, you can play it too. Don't say you weren't warned, and don't say I nev­er gave you anything.


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