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This is a place­hold­er post, kind of, while we trek kids all over MA and while I try to recov­er from what­ev­er made me sleep for 19 hours yes­ter­day. Feel­ing like crap, in oth­er words.

My fam­i­ly owned a lot of guns, but not as many as some oth­er peo­ple I knew, maybe ten or so, which over a life­time isn't many. We hunt­ed, every sea­son, my father and broth­er and I–at least until I was six­teen or so–with most of our atten­tion paid to deer sea­son. Veni­son is good, you know? If you can it, most flat­landers can't tell it from beef.

Any­way, to my point: maybe this book will scare you, maybe it will make you feel bet­ter, but it seems pret­ty real­is­tic to me, as com­pared to what the two oppos­ing poles of Amer­i­can pol­i­tics might tell you.

Vis­it Armed Amer­i­ca for more pix and stories/explanations.

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3 Responses to Armed America…

  1. Rusty says:

    What you say sounds rea­son­able at first blush for peo­ple with lit­tle to no expe­ri­ence with firearms. They see them as day-to-day death dealers.You're right, in gen­er­al, about the rural/urban break­down, too, but I can only write from my expe­ri­ence, which was decid­ed­ly rural,until I was in my mid-twen­ties. Every­one I knew had guns, and every­one, to a per­son, nearly–see me phras­ing care­ful­ly here–used them the way they're intend­ed, as tools or as hob­bies indicated.It'll like­ly come as no sur­prise to you that the Nazi par­ty reg­is­tered their country's guns. Eas­i­er to track down and con­fis­cate then. I'd like to get guns out of the hands of crim­i­nals, too, but I don't see why rea­son­able peo­ple shouldn't be able to have and use them.

  2. Rusty says:

    I want to respond with a sig­nif­i­cant, i.e. full-brain, effort. It'll take me to the week­end to do so,probably. Thanks for reading.

  3. fauxtaographer says:

    Well there are prob­lems though to every­thing. Amer­i­ca has always been sharply divid­ed between rur­al and urban peo­ple. Rur­al peo­ple tend to see guns as nat­ur­al things like shov­els and ham­mers, urban peo­ple tend to see guns as threats to their fam­i­ly. Fig­ures — hard to pin down — con­tin­ue to show some 14,000 to 30,000 Amer­i­cans are gunned down every year — not by al Qui­da or Tal­iban, but by oth­er Amer­i­cans. Guns are not reg­u­lat­ed well and can be "bought" eas­i­ly by peo­ple who lat­er prove they were not qual­i­fied to get them in the first place. Gun laws in D.C. can eas­i­ly be cir­cum­vent­ed by get­ting them in say, Ida­ho and then then bring­ing them in. There are oth­er prob­lems that could be addressed but I won't try to list them all right now. These prob­lems could be tak­en care of eas­i­ly by gun reg­is­tra­tion and/or oth­er types of reg­u­la­tion. Now don't just shoot back at me, there are prob­a­bly more peo­ple like me than you. If we can't reg­u­late guns some­how, some­day they will have to be abol­ished. That would be hard for every­body. I would love to see a begin­ning of good reg­u­la­tion. Per­haps columns like this where a fair exchange of thoughts can take place.

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