Southern Appalachian English from the University of South Carolina

I don't want to take away from Gabriel's great sto­ry, but I had to post this, which is a nifty resource for hear­ing Appalachi­an speech (if you don't already live there or don't hear it regularly).

Wel­come to this web­site on the speech of one of America's most often mis­un­der­stood regions — south­ern and cen­tral Appalachia, which stretch­es from north Geor­gia to West Vir­ginia. It's been roman­ti­cized as the lan­guage of Shake­speare, and it's been car­i­ca­tured, ridiculed, and dis­missed as une­d­u­cat­ed, bad gram­mar, or worse. But too rarely has it been appre­ci­at­ed for what it is: the native speech of mil­lions of Amer­i­cans that has a dis­tinc­tive his­to­ry and that makes Appalachia what it is just as sure as the region's music does.

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