Norma White Dead

Sad news. Thanks to Kevin Stew­art off Face­book for the link. Her hus­band of course, was The Danc­ing Out­law, Jesco White

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — In a West Vir­ginia-pro­duced film about them, Jesco "The Danc­ing Out­law" White and his wife Nor­ma J. White gave the world a glimpse into their unusu­al lives. Nor­ma White, 70, died in Charleston Thurs­day after suf­fer­ing from a ter­mi­nal illness.

Film­mak­er Jacob Young helped bring Jesco to the atten­tion of a nation­al audi­ence when Young cre­at­ed his "Dif­fer­ent Drum­mer" series for Pub­lic Television.

In the film, the cou­ple com­pared them­selves to Elvis and Priscil­la Pres­ley. They said their rela­tion­ship had its rough patch­es, but Nor­ma White was always in love with the man who became a cult phe­nom­e­non.

Some videos, in case you don't know of Jesco and Nor­ma White.





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