Summer Redneck Games

from Sum­mer Red­neck Games 2009 folder–otherwise uncredited

I want to go, just to touch the Gen­er­al Lee (like you need­ed me to link that).

Where I grew up, there was no cable. You got, depend­ing on where your house was, two and some­times three TV chan­nels. The Dukes of Haz­zard was on CBS, which we didn't get, but my parent's Fri­day night euchre part­ners, Anna and Harold, did. So we were at their house every Fri­day night and their son Kei­th and I watched Bo and Luke wreak may­hem.  Daisy and Uncle Jesse, yes–I was hap­py to see Willie Nel­son as Uncle Jesse in the movie ver­sion, which oth­er­wise sucked rocks–and Coot­er, who became a politi­cian. I've known maybe four guys in my life nick­named Coot­er. That's too fun­ny. But I will always love the General.

This post goes nowhere because I start­ed out with the inten­tion to make fun of the Red­neck Games and the Dukes. But I find I just can't do it. I'd go the Red­neck Games if I could, and if I could just once slide across the hood of the Gen­er­al and hoist myself through that win­dow, maybe jump a crick or two, the truth is, I'd do it.

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