Redneck Poems is Released

Sor­ry for the spam; I won't do it often, but here's the news: my free e‑book/chapbook is avail­able now. It's called Red­neck Poems and it's part of the MiPOe­sias Chap­book Series. It's avail­able for free via Scribd and Issuu and in print (free on iPad) for a small fee via Mag­cloud. It's even on Goodreads if you find it in your heart to rate or review it: Goodreads. It's my first poet­ry chap­book and I hope you like it. If you do, lemme know. If not, don't harsh my buzz. Just kid­ding. If you tell me it sucks, though, I'll prob­a­bly ball up for 15 or 16 hours and then kill some­thing cute like a bun­ny. Just an FYI.

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