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If you look at the drop­down menus at the top left cor­ner of the FCAC home page, you'll notice that Red­neck Press now has pages up for each of the chap­books we'll pub­lish this year as well as the anthol­o­gy White Trash, which we'll pub­lish in 2012. I want to reit­er­ate, as I have else­where, that FCAC and Red­neck Press are com­mit­ted to print­ing work from women in the next year or two. We'll do this by announce­ments via WOM-PO and VIDA as well as our nor­mal pro­mo­tion­al out­lets, in the hope and trust we'll get more sub­mis­sions from women. Sub­mis­sions for the 2012 chap­book series (three slots) are open. Please email me a man­u­script of no more than twen­ty-five poems in .pdf  (pre­ferred), .odt, .doc, .docx, or.rtf for­mats, attached to an email (rusty DOT Barnes AT gmail DOT com) with details of why you think Red­neck Press/FCAC is the right press for you. Please don’t send me bull­shit. Read the blog, the sto­ries, the poems, the man­i­festo, and be sure you’ve read a pub­lished poem or two in the last cen­tu­ry and can demon­strate that knowl­edge by what you’ve writ­ten. You could buy and read our first chap­book release, too.  That wouldn’t hurt your chances at all.

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