Tipping the Jug*, poem by GC Smith

Red­necks and blackmen
old bud­dies and friends
will stand now together
with a clay jug of corn
they'll drink to their health
and com­fort each oth­er with lies
and com­fort each oth­er with lies

They'll talk of their dogs
and the ducks that they've shot
of hunt­ing through Low­coun­try winter
with their brag­ging of deeds
in the depths of dark piney woods
they'll not men­tion who shot the cow
they'll not men­tion who shot the cow

They'll avoid the commotion
of the farmer's vile notion
to sim­ply be paid what he's due
They'll vow to hide from him
and nev­er men­tion that cow
as they drink deep of the old moun­tain dew
as they drink deep of the old moun­tain dew

*apolo­gies to Rob­bie Burns

GC Smith is a south­ern­er. He writes nov­els, short sto­ries, flash fic­tion, poet­ry. Some­times, but not in nov­els, he plays with dialect, either Cajun or Gul­lah-Geechee ways of speak­ing. Smith's work can be found in: Gator Springs Gazette, F F Mag­a­zine, Igua­na­land, Dead Mule School of South­ern Lit­er­a­ture, Naked Humorists, The GLUT, Flask Fic­tion Mag­a­zine, N.O.L.A. Spleen, NFG Mag­a­zine, Cel­lar Door, The Beat, Dis­patch­es Mag­a­zine, Beau­fort Gazette, Coyote's Den, South­ern Hum, Lam­oille Lamen­ta­tions , Quic­tion, The Land­ing, The Haunt­ed Poet, Fla­vor a Deux, The Bin­na­cle, Stymie Mag­a­zine, Ban­nock Street Books. He has four nov­els, WHITE LIGHTNING –Mur­der In the world of stock car rac­ing and THE CARBON STEEL CARESS, A Low­coun­try P.I. nov­el, IN GOOD FAITH, A John­ny Don­al P.I. nov­el, and Mud­bug Tales: A Nov­el In Flash­es, wit' recipes. His poet­ry book is A South­ern Boy's Meanderings.

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3 Responses to Tipping the Jug*, poem by GC Smith

  1. GC Smith says:

    Thanks Coy­ote.

  2. david coyote says:

    read­ing your poe-ums drags me by the scruff of my imag­i­na­tion to your com­fort­able porch — or onto the wood­en planked dock where you tie-up you boat. Don't mind it a bit! Some day…

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