What's Coming Around the Ding-Dang

There are a num­ber of peo­ple stop­ping by today to read yesterday's post, by the way. Hi. No one's say­ing much, though. If you were—ahem—interested in this sort of sub­ject mat­ter, as you seem to be, what kinds of dis­cus­sions would you like to see here?

I've told you I'll be doing fic­tion, poet­ry, essays, inter­views, reviews, and also gen­er­al blog ephemera. Next week I'll have a review of Jayne Pupek's Toma­to Girl, and in the weeks after a dis­cus­sion of red­necks as por­trayed by Hol­ly­wood and the media, in which we will have much to say of Deliv­er­ance and Kali­for­nia and Patrick Swayze and Bil­ly Bob Thorn­ton, and even the web­site (warning—NSFW—warning) Dix­ie Sluts, a site that inspired events in the nov­el I'm fin­ish­ing (and yes, that's the last you'll see of me pimp­ing my own stuff here; I have anoth­er site for that).

I'll update and pub­lish a longish read­ing list I used for a hon­ors course I taught sev­er­al years ago that I called, in a bald attempt to get peo­ple to sign up, 'White Trash Lit­er­a­ture.' I taught two sec­tions of it even­tu­al­ly, as advanced com­po­si­tion cours­es. We read a deal of crit­i­cism and fic­tion, and watched films, in the process of ana­lyz­ing how the world thinks of 'white trash' and what it believes it can deduce about you, just by the way you talk or the loca­tion of your birth or the fact that, heav­ens for­fend, when you get excit­ed, you may indeed lose your edu­cat­ed TV announc­er voice and become… inter­est­ing to lis­ten to. I'm not going to promise you all the posts will be pret­ty. I'd like to get some semi-schol­ar­ly mate­r­i­al up here, too. At least semi-schol­ar­ly. It's nice to get off a rant once in a while, but some bal­ance is good, so I can con­vince myself I'm con­sid­er­ing every side of an argu­ment. If you're inter­est­ed in guest­ing here, hit me up. I have some sto­ries to read lat­er, too, when I'm not hack­ing up a lung. Thanks to every­one who's sent them to me.

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  1. jc says:

    I just need­ed to get through work before com­ment­ing. We can't all just sit around and raise beau­ti­ful kids and read you know. ;)I'm seri­ous when I say that the dis­cus­sions you're lay­ing down right now are real­ly inspir­ing to me, so keep it up. That Sven essay was in AGNI, right? I think I remem­ber it being part of the guide­lines, or linked from it or some­thing. At the time, it went over my head. The way you just described it and the pic­ture you put it into real­ly flipped a switch for me. On the music side, I just got into the Dri­ve By Truck­ers about a year ago. When I heard that song "Out­fit", it blew me away and I think it's because of a lot of the stuff you men­tioned. I'm assum­ing you've got that album, so tell me that's not some­thing you can hear your old man telling you EXACTLY. I'm look­ing for­ward to your read­ing list, and your rants are always infor­ma­tive. Keep up the good work.I've got to go dust off a notebook.JC

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