To Which I Can Only Say "No Shit?"

Study: Men­tal Ill­ness More Com­mon In Appalachia.

Of par­tic­u­lar inter­est, I find, from page 18 of this mam­moth report:

Bar­ri­ers to the use of treat­ment ser­vices include social stig­ma for those who seek care, lack of
trans­porta­tion, non-recog­ni­tion of the root caus­es of sub­stance use behav­iors, mul­ti-gen­er­a­tional
pat­terns of sub­stance abuse behav­iors, and ero­sion of the pow­er of fam­i­ly and com­mu­ni­ty net­works to assist in per­son­al cop­ing skills.

OK then. They need­ed a bunch of social sci­en­tists and a paid study to tell them this? Have they been pay­ing atten­tion for, oh, the last six­ty years or so? Jesus Christmas.

You can go straight to the horse's mouth here.

I've got sto­ries com­ing up prob­a­bly lat­er tonight. Sit tight.

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