New Poem from Mather Schneider


You're a sev­en­teen year old coun­try boy
and your girl­friend tells you
she cheat­ed on you.
Some guy from Pekin felt her up
at a party.
Some big shot city kid, a senior.

But here’s the catch:
he felt her up with his feet,
not his hands.
For some rea­son this seems worse.

The worst part about it is
you can see she's not sorry.

The guy with the feet
is an artist or something.

It eats away at you:
a stranger's dirty toes
on her clean white breasts.

Your jeal­ousy engorges both of you.
Promis­es are administered
between kisses
and pret­ty soon you are in the backyard—
boots plant­ed firm­ly on the ground—
fuck­ing her in the blind spot
between the mobile home

and the Tuff shed.

Math­er Schnei­der is a 40 year old cab dri­ver from Tuc­son, Ari­zona. He is hap­pi­ly mar­ried to a sexy Mex­i­can woman. His poet­ry and prose have appeared in the small press since 1993. He has one full length book out by Inte­ri­or Noise Press called Drought Resis­tant Strain and anoth­er full length com­ing in the spring of 2011 from New York Quar­ter­ly Press.

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