Where Do Good Dogs Go When They Die?

Here's some inter­est­ing news.

Stan Diel– Birm­ing­ham News

Elvis sang about them — hound dogs — and most of us tend to think of them as being for the com­mon folk, but those canines of the coon vari­ety are actu­al­ly pret­ty special.

So spe­cial, in fact, that one coon dog has won its own­er more than $1 mil­lion in hunt­ing com­pe­ti­tions, and a pet ceme­tery in north Alaba­ma allows only coon dogs to be buried there.

"There's a dif­fer­ence in a coon hound and a coon dog," said Drew Werndli of Huntsville, cre­ator of coon​dawgs​.com and a coon hunter him­self. "A coon dog is a coon hound that can tree a rac­coon. The dog has to earn the title."

Be sure to check out the gallery for the entire cemetery.

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