September Fields, poem by Andrew Taylor

Through hedgerow gaps between trees
an undu­la­tion per­haps it’s to do with

colour a gold­en calm sets in at summer’s
end spi­ders come in from cool­ing night air

heat­ing is enter­tained flow­ers last through
though the evenings don’t gath­er wood

like wind­falls essen­tial in preparation
warm­ing like a play­ing angel

in can­dle­light shad­ows alter with draughts
that rise through pol­ished floorboards

kick­ing fall­en leaves in tyre tracks
those who have gone before some­how remain

as gouges in earth and remain­ing leaves
on trees ever­greens that bat­tle winter

taylorAndrew Tay­lor is a Not­ting­ham (UK) based poet, edi­tor and crit­ic. His debut col­lec­tion, 'Radio Mast Hori­zon' was pub­lished by Shears­man Books in 2013. His lat­est pam­phlet 'Future Dust' was pub­lished in 2015. Poems have appeared recent­ly in Coney’s Loft, The Goose, Instant Pussy and Rusty Truck. He is a lec­tur­er in Cre­ative Writ­ing and Eng­lish at Not­ting­ham Trent Uni­ver­si­ty. www​.andrew​tay​lor​po​et​ry​.com

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