Blind Visions, poem by Margot Brown

The grass and once green trees
are stiff and Decem­ber is frozen
in all my heart’s tears. Don’t see
no dif­fer­ence in stayin or goin
cause I’ll always have the same fears.

Wish I could start, just start walkin
a new road–one that leads
me where I’m goin. There’s no use
in time left for lookin behind, cause
you don’t seem to mind

where I’m blowin. Just like a lost leaf
a scat­terin down-street, shuffled
and worn out with dyin, now I wish I could
start, just start makin a new road, and I wish
I could stop this old cryin. It’s always

those times that I want to see you–
those are the times when I’m lonely.
There just aint no words for thinkin about you
cause there aint no way you’re gonna
love me. I used to think

if this world was a bil­lion times bigger
that I could still find you. Voices
kept sin­gin and blue bells kept
ringin, cause I thought that a child’s love
would bind you. Now I wish

I could start makin tracks
on some high­way that leads me
to where I’ll be hap­py. Seems
time’s just wast­ed lookin behind
when a blind girl’s got visions of Pappy.

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